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Day By Day Programme

  • Music, Yasmine Hamdan:
    Lebanese singer and songwriter, Yasmine Hamdan, will take to the stage at Qasr El Nil theatre for a night of electro pop folk music.
  • Visual Arts, Hassan Khan Exhibition:
    Located in the Kodak building and drawing from his entire body of work, Hassan Khan’s exhibition pays tribute to Downtown architecture and its intricacy.
  • Film, La nuit qu'on suppose:
    With a film programme focused on francophone cinema, La nuit qu'on suppose (2013) by Benjamin d'Aoust, reflects on the human senses and our understanding of them.
  • Urban Visions, The100Hands:
    Back for another site-specific performance, Nucleus, The100Hands use connections with each other and their audience to emphasise resilience.
  • Special Events - La Voix est libre
    Breaking down the barriers of genre, culture through music, dance, and poetry, the Jazz Nomads will present La voix est libre at Falaki Theatre and Sherazade.
  • Performance Arts, Art of Movement:
    Art of Movement incorporates graphics and visual art into the performance, blending with real life dancers to create an experimental performance piece.