Arts For All

Help us offer 1,000 free tickets to marginalised audiences in Egypt!
Arts for All allows wide segments of the Egyptian society to engage with D-CAF’s cutting-edge contemporary arts performances, regardless of people’s socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, disability, or any other protected characteristic. The initiative offers marginalized individuals and groups admission to world-class arts performances that inspire and challenge, and this entirely free of charge.

Supported by: The U.S. Embassy Cairo and British Council in Egypt
In collaboration with: El Hassan Foundation, The Amal Village, Banati Foundation, Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School, Syria Tomorrow Foundation, Alwan wa Awtar, Helm Foundation, Etijah, FACE for Children in Need, Terre Des Hommes, and others.
If you are an NGO interested in joining the Arts for All initiative, please get in touch with us through:
D-CAF would also like to thank all of the individuals who have donated to the on-going crowdfunding campaign, thus enabling D-CAF to provide free tickets to more and more socially disadvantaged individuals in Egypt.
If you are a D-CAF audience member who believes in the inspiring and inclusive power of the arts, please support the crowdfunding campaign by visiting

Why Support D-CAF?

D-CAF believes that art should be accessible to everyone due to its transcendental capability to transform people’s lives. Art is vital not only for the well-being, creativity, and self-expression of individuals, but it can also have a cumulative and positive impact on industries beyond the creative field.
D-CAF proudly collaborates with various NGOs supporting orphans, street children, the socioeconomically unprivileged, refugees, and people with disabilities. This partnership provides them with free transportation and free tickets to attend various D-CAF events.

To discuss further details of becoming a supporter for the Arts for All initiative, please write an email to .

Benefits Include:

$10 or more

Benefits: Thank you email + 1 performing arts ticket in Rawabet

$20 or more

Benefits: Thank you email + 2 performing arts tickets

$50 or more

Benefits: 1 ticket to any D-CAF music concert + 1 item of D-CAF merchandise (Mug)

$100 or more

Benefits: 2 tickets to any D-CAF music concert + 2 items of D-CAF merchandise (Mug & Bag)

$250 or more

Benefits: 2 tickets to D-CAF music concerts + 2 performing arts tickets + 2 items of D-CAF merchandise (Mug + Bag)

$500 or more

Benefits: Access to all of D-CAF music events + 4 performing arts tickets + 3 items of D-CAF merchandise mug + bag + notebook

$1000 or more

Benefits: You are listed on D-CAF’s website as a key D-CAF supporter + Access to all of D-CAF events + Full set of D-CAF merchandise (mug + bag + notebook + tshirt)


Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is Egypt’s only international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival* that takes place over three weeks in March-April each year, at multiple sites in Downtown Cairo.

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