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AUC Falaki Theater & Gallery

+ AUC Falaki Theater & Gallery

American University in Cairo Downtown Campus, 24 Falaki Street

Though in 1968 it was used as a dormitory, the Falaki building has since been entirely renovated, leaving no traces of its heritage in the adopted sleek design. After the American University in Cairo left its Downtown campuses, in 2012 Orient Productions took management of Falaki Theatre and began establishing it as a central performing arts venue within the independent art scene. With an expertly equipped stage, over the last few years Falaki Theatre has successfully presented various acts from both national and international artists and companies.

The GrEEK Campus

+ The GrEEK Campus

28 Falaki St., Bab El Louk

Purchased by the American University in Cairo in 1964, and home of the AUC library for decades, this once modern stoic building on Mohamed Mahmoud Street is now scattered with bursts of colourful graffiti since the revolution, a reminder of how much change the city has seen. The building is now being leased to Sawari Ventures, who opened Egypt’s first technology park on its grounds. The inside courtyard offers an alternative setup for outdoor film screenings and the presentation of performing arts.

D-CAF Festival Hub

+ D-CAF Festival Hub

29 Hoda Sharawy Street - First Floor


+ Zawya

4 Dr. Abdel-Hamid Said St. - Back alley of Cinema Odeon

Zawya - of Misr International Films (Youssef Chahine) - is an art house cinema in Downtown Cairo. A charming theatre and overall experience, Zawya screens a selection of award-winning and critically acclaimed alternative and independent films from Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and the rest of the world, giving Egyptians direct exposure to a larger range of cinema beyond commercial films. As an art house cinema, Zawya also programmes film discussions, retrospectives and master classes.

Kodak Passageway

+ Kodak Passageway

20 Adly Street

This building on Adly street was acquired in 1924 by the Kodak Company and used to open Kodak’s second store worldwide. Currently owned by Ismaelia (the company acquired it in 2008) the pedestrian passageway flanking the building was completely renovated by CLUSTER, with the storefronts repurposed as exhibition spaces. The renovations took place in 2014 within the framework of the D-CAF festival, with the purpose of readying the space for a solo show by Egyptian Artist Hassan Khan’s, which inaugurated the space.
Since then, what used to be a dead-end service alleyway between Adly and Abdel Khalek Tharwat streets has undergone further renovation, and has been transformed into a “Green Oasis” (the result of a design competition held by CLUSTER) featuring a pedestrian park, several seating areas and greenery. The passageway features 4 exhibition spaces, and is surrounded by a number of emerging art, film and design spaces (CIC, Cimatheque, and CLUSTER) as well as local eatery Eish & Malh.

Studio Emad Eddin

+ Studio Emad Eddin

15 & 18 Emad Eddin St

Studio Emad Eddin (SEE) is located on the famous Emad Eddin Street; once the centre of a booming entertainment and cultural scene. The Studio is located in two large apartments across from one another: Number 18 contains five rehearsal rooms, while number 15 is made up of three workshop spaces as well as administrative offices which host the staff of Falaki Theatre and D-CAF, as well as of SEE Foundation.

Studio Emad Eddin was inaugurated in February 2005 and is a unique project in the Arab World, offering rehearsal, training and residency space to independent troupes and artists, whether Egyptian, regional, or international, in the field of performing arts.

Balassi Institute

+ Balassi Institute

13, Gawat Hosny Street, 2nd Floor

A national institute established to support the worldwide community of Hungarian education, the Balassi Institute plays a key role in the professional direction of Hungarian cultural affairs, and has hosted many events.

Townhouse Rawabet Theatre

+ Townhouse Rawabet Theatre

3 Hussein Basha Al Meamari, off Marouf St.

Opening as part of Townhouse Gallery in 2006, Rawabet Theatre largely caters to independent troupes, musicians and performance artists.

Although the space itself is not particularly large, and the set up itself is certainly casual, the theatre is fully operational with professional lighting and sound equipment, as well as having a multipurpose stage.

Rawabet has hosted a range of productions in the past, from experimental theatre to all sorts of music performances, film screenings, and workshops, making it an ideal space for D-CAF events.

MASQ - Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey

+ MASQ - Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey

Darb-elsaqia street behind Qaitbay Mosque, City of the Dead Cairo

Maqaad of Sultan Qaitbay is a reception hall that is virtually the only surviving part of the palace built in 1474 within Sultan Qaitbey’s funerary complex in the Desert of the Mamluks in the City of the Dead, Cairo.

Al Azhar Park

+ Al Azhar Park

Salah Salem St, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo

Located in the heart of old historic Cairo and commanding stunning panoramic views of the city, Al-Azhar Park offers every visitor a glimpse into the captivating past.

El Warsha Theater Troupe

+ El Warsha Theater Troupe

17 Sherif Street, 3rd floor, apt. 8, Downtown Cairo17 Sherif Street, 3rd floor, apt. 8, Downtown Cairo

The first independent troupe in the free theater movement in Egypt. They started their activity in 1987 by re-examining the western heritage of their theater through adapting a number of European plays with growing freedom.

Studio Nasibian Theater (El Nahda Association for Scientific & Cultural Renaissance) - El Jesuit Cairo

+ Studio Nasibian Theater (El Nahda Association for Scientific & Cultural Renaissance) - El Jesuit Cairo

15 El Mahrany Street, El Faggala, Ramsis

El Nahda Association for Scientific and Cultural Renaissance was established in 1998 and places a strong emphasis on visual culture as a powerful tool in development.

Institut français d’Egypte

+ Institut français d’Egypte

1 Madrasset El Huquq El Frenseya ,off of Kasr El Eini Street,Mounira Kairo

Old French Consulate

+ Old French Consulate

5 Al Fadl Street, Behind El Abd, Off Talaat Harb St.

Behlar Passageway

+ Behlar Passageway

Off Talaat Harb St. and Nasr El Nile St.

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is Egypt’s only international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival* that takes place over three weeks in March-April each year, at multiple sites in Downtown Cairo.

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