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“You gave us courage and power to overcome our fears”, a Syrian refugee stated after attending last year’s theater performance And Here I Am, a powerful dramatization of the real-life struggle and success story of Palestinian actor, Ahmed Tobasi.
This statement is testament to the kind of positive feedback received after a further successful year of D-CAF’s Arts for All Initiative and the general enthusiasm and inspiration felt among those granted access to D-CAF’s events for the first time.
Since its first edition in 2017, the Arts for All Initiative has been committed to facilitating access to D-CAF for wider segments of Egyptian society, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, disability and employability.

More specifically, the project intends to reach out to underprivileged individuals and communities by offering them free tickets and transportation and thus exposure to D-CAF’s independent and cutting-edge contemporary arts performances from around the world.
By launching a huge funding campaign with generous support from the British Council Egypt and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and in collaboration with various NGOs and private donors, last year’s D-CAF edition festival demonstrated the significant growth and success of this project: A total of 1325 individuals received free tickets and were able to attend the theater, music, dance and film events organized by D-CAF.

Why Support D-CAF?

D-CAF strongly believes that art — and engaging with diverse forms of creative expression — has transformative potential, and therefore significantly contributes to a greater sense of well-being and a more fulfilling life. Enabling insight into the world of art can thus positively impact those less privileged, encouraging them to explore their own creative potential and to consider becoming involved in the art sector or other activities.
D-CAF proudly collaborates with various NGOs supporting orphans, street children, the socioeconomically unprivileged, refugees, and people with disabilities. This partnership provides them with free transportation and free tickets to attend various D-CAF events.

NGOs and organizations D-CAF will proudly collaborate with in this year’s edition include: Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey (MASQ) (Archinos), Al Hassan Foundation, Dawar Arts, Banati Foundation, I Help, Kheir Wa Baraka, Terre Des Hommes, Etigah, and others.


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Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is Egypt’s only international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival* that takes place over three weeks in March-April each year, at multiple sites in Downtown Cairo.

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