• Director’s Welcome

    Ten years. D-CAF is 10 years old!!!

    I can still vividly remember when Karim Shafei & I were discussing the idea in his office in 2010, dreaming about it.

    The years have passed & the dream has not only materialized but also become a landmark of the arts & culture scene in Cairo, Egypt, & the region.

    In spite of the incredibly daunting local, regional & international challenges the world has witnessed, D-CAF has pressed on with its vision of a world of inclusion, diversity, creativity, & equality.

    Ten years in the life of a festival is definitely a landmark, especially for a festival of D-CAF’s size. But 10 years is still young, & we are looking forward to bringing art & joy to our audiences for many more years to come.

    D-CAF could not & would not exist without its supporters, its funders, its collaborators, & its networks.

    D-CAF would not have become what it is without the artists that honor it with their presence every year; presenting uniquely eclectic, creative, & entertaining works that question the world & our existence in it.

    D-CAF would not have grown without its audience, one which has grown to reach thousands in number every year. This audience transcends social, political, & economic divides, proving over & over that art is at the heart of any society’s cohesive fabric.

    D-CAF is extremely proud of its continuing partnership with Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, a unique partnership in the art & culture scene in Egypt, & grateful to Karim Shafei Ismaelia’s Co-founder, CEO & D-CAF’s co-founder for his creative & progressive vision.

    Finally, D-CAF would definitely not be what it is without the hundreds of staff & crew members that infuse it with their creative young spirits & energy year after year.

    To all of you: thank you for believing in the dream. Thank you for believing in your dreams, because when all is said & done, D-CAF is as much yours as it is everyone else’s.

    Welcome to D-CAF’s 10 th edition. Enjoy!

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is Egypt’s only international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival* that takes place over three weeks in March-April each year, at multiple sites in Downtown Cairo.

Contact us at info@orientproductions.org

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