Talk Series: Festivals and Audiences in the Arab World

The Arab World is rich in resources and culture – and just as plentiful are the many festivals taking place throughout the region; some independent, others sponsored by governments or backed by the public sector. 

In this talk entitled Festivals and Audiences in the Arab World, [ speakers ] will map the festivals in the region to first establish an understanding of what exists and where, and of the resources available to these different cultural endeavors. From there will begin a discussion of why these festivals work in silos, and why there are such substantial gaps between them: within each country, within the region, and on an international level. 

Participants will be invited to reflect on the questions: who is the target audience for these festivals? Since resources are limited, what is a festival’s responsibility towards its audience? Is it to educate? Inspire? To employ artists and technicians? What sort of impact do we seek and what metrics should we use to measure our success? What framework do these metrics exist within? 

These are only some of the considerations that attendees will explore in this introduction to festival organizing and management.

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