I’m Here With You

I’m Here With You is an immersive four-episode audio drama exploring the stories of different characters as they call a mental health helpline and reveal the reasons that may lead to their collapse.

Layla is a dancer who calls the helpline after a life-changing event shatters her dreams. Joe is a regular caller struggling to make ends meet and trapped in an endless conflict with his wife. Sara isn’t sure who she’s calling, she was given the helpline number at her friend’s funeral and is scared she’ll meet a similar fate. Noah dedicates his life to listening to others, but doesn’t find the support he’s looking for. One thing connects them all: a desire to be heard.

Produced in Arabic and English translation, each episode acts as a momentary portal into the personal stories and uncomfortable emotions of each character’s struggle with the internal and external conflicts they face. These thought-provoking stories are drawn from real-life experiences and put a spotlight on a universal human need for support whilst unraveling the specific conditions of each individual, including those who provide support to others

أنا معاك / I’m Here With You is written by Angham Mardi and translated by Lauren Pepperell and co-produced by both partners as a part of the New Conversations, UK-Egypt, creative partnerships programme.

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