Interactive Audiovisual Installation Workshop

Advancements in interactive technologies have granted artists the power to create evermore immersive artworks, inviting their audiences to plunge into the world of their creation. Progressive audiovisual art builds on the methods and tools of traditional audiovisual technologies. It draws on the results of classical and contemporary images and music, and follows technologies and processes that change from day to day. 

The Interactive Audiovisual Installation workshop, moderated by Andrea Sztovánovits, aims to enable participants to adapt to the world of changing technologies – real-time visual software and hardware, sensors, and other technologies – and to participate in the international discourse on these technologies, both theoretically and practically. 

The workshop is open to fifteen participants aged over 18 and interested in audiovisual art. Teaching will unfold in three parts: frequency, image and sound; audiovisual technologies; and art and technology – each tackling one facet of the complex process of creating interactive audiovisual installations. 

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Andrea Sztovánovits
Event Details

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