A Reading and Discussion with Nora Amin and Irina Kastrinidis

Egyptian artist Nora Amin and Swiss artist Irina Kastrinidis have co-written a play; their first time to write with a partner rather than solo. In CLASH… Digital Resurrections, historical and contemporary female figures come together and discuss aspects of patriarchy, power, love, and war. 

In this workshop, Amin and Kastrinidis will read part of their play and open up a wider discussion about their heroines and the challenges they encountered in writing this text – bridging the stories of women from entirely different worlds. The two playwrights will recount how the process of strolling through the stories of historical women to find convincing and inspiring characters, before concluding with a few verses of their own writing. 

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Irina Kastrinidis
Nora Amin
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