Hadeer Moustafa

Hadeer MOUSTAFA is an actress from Cairo, Egypt. Her acting journey started during her university studies in 2012 and participated in more than 15 plays, and was awarded as best actress twice. After university she joined “Act Two”, an independent theatre troupe. Its main purpose is to create theatre performances tackling the social and human conditions from a personal point of view. She participated in “Incomplete Alliteration” “جناس ناقص” in 2014, “Red doesn’t suit you” “الأحمر لا یلیق بك” in 2015, “The Four seasons” ”الفصول الأربعة“ , a TV series directed by the Syrian director Hatem Ali ” in 2016 and in “Hagar Gohanam”  ”حجر جھنم“ and in “A guest in our home” “في بیتنا ضیف “, a TV series directed by Myriam Ahmadi. She also participated in the French Institute Theatre Festival in 2016 with “J’ai étais dans ma maison” ”كنت في بیتي“ written by Jean Luc Lagarce, directed by Aziz Ali. In 2018, she joined “Temple independent theatre company” and participated in “Mama” “ماما” play directed by Ahmed El Attar that took place at the AUC Falaki Theatre in Cairo, Egypt in 2018, the Festival d’Avignon, Avignon 2018 in France, Théâtre Paul Éluard, Choisy-le-Roy 2018 – France, Festival d’Automne à Paris, MC93, Bobigny 2018 – France, Maison de la Culture (MCB), Bourges 2018 – France, Festival Les rencontres à l’échelle, Marseille 2018, Festival TNB, Rennes 2018 –Le Quartz, Scène nationale, Brest 2019, and Le Liberté, Toulon 2019. In 2019, she participated in “The closed doors” “الأبواب المغلقة” TV Drama Program directed by Ramy Rizkallah. In 2021, she participated in “The Building” “العمارة” TV series directed by Amr Salah. In the same year she participated in “Saafan in the TV” “سعفان في التلیفزیون” TV Program directed by Ramy Rizkallah. In 2021, she played a role in “ Naguib Zahy Zarkash” “نجیب زاھي زركش” a series directed by Shady El Fakharany. At the end of 2021, she worked in Riyadh Season with “Who is my lover” “حبیبتي من تكون “ a  play based on Abdelhalim Hafez’s life directed by Khairy Bishara. She is also working as a voice over and dubbing actress. She has worked in many Netflix original productions such as “Arcane” as “Jinx”. As well as Disney, DreamWorks and Sony.