Hayaa Almweil

In 2012, Hayaa Almweil arrived in Cairo from Aleppo, two cities that held significant roles in nineteenth-century music. Since then, she has resided in Cairo, where she has acquired the skills to treat writing as both a creative and constructive endeavour. She has learned to follow the path that the ear naturally takes to affirm its beliefs while analysing music within its social, political, and historical contexts.

This journey has been marked by shifts and transitions between various psychological and intellectual states, as well as a relentless quest to discover an inner sound that began to take shape in 2020. To refine and express this unique sound to the best of her abilities, she embarked on a musical journey. She began studying music with Professor Kadri Dalal and honed her skills in playing the oud and singing under the tutelage of Hazem Shaheen.

Singer-songwriter Hayaa Almweil will present her debut concert as part of D-CAF. During the performance, she will showcase her original experimental songs, heavily influenced by Aleppo’s music and free jazz.

Since El Kontessa’s musical debut in 2018, she has performed live shows in Egypt, Tunis, Switzerland, Lebanon, Germany and Jordan. She has also been part of essential lineups in various venues and festivals such as: Fête de la musique by the French institute, Fri-Son Club, Fribourg, Switzerland, and Stuttgart Festival, Germany.