Irina Kastrinidis

Irina KASTRINIDIS is a co-writing author and actress from Zurich, Switzerland. She started her acting studies at the University of Music and Theatre in Bern, Switzerland HKB from 1996-2000. Irina Kastrinidis then began her ten-year permanent engagement at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin. She appeared in the following plays under the direction of Frank Castorf: “Gier nach Gold “F. Noris, “Schuld und Sühne” by F. Dostojewski, “Im Dickicht der Städte” by B. Brecht, “Fuck Off, Amerika” by E. Limonow, “Norden” by F. Celine, “Kean” by A. Dumas, “Der Geizige” by Molière. Alongside Frank Castorf, she also worked with directors such as Dimiter Gotscheff in “The Suicide” by N. Erdmann as Cleopatra. During her interactions at the Volksbühne Berlin, guest performances also took her to Paris, Avignon, Athens, Vienna, Copenhagen and various capitals in South America. She took part in the Portuguese-language production of “Angel Negro” in São Paulo, produced locally by Frank Castorf. Parallel to her theatre work, Irina Kastrinidis has appeared in film and television. Irina Kastrinidis began writing at an early age and among other things, explored the history of the Pontos Greeks. Thus, in the summer of 2020, an extensive text was written which Irina Kastrinidis subsequently rewrote for the theatre and later became the play “Schwarzes Meer” (Black Sea), a monologue for an actress, which had its world premiere in St. Pölten/Lower Austria on 29 January 2022, directed by Frank Castorf.