Martin Wisniowski

Martin Wisniowski (NODEPOND) 

Martin Wisniowski, also known as Nodepond is an artist from Goettingen, Germany. Having grown up with home computers, virtual 8-bit and 16-bit worlds of computer games have left a lasting impression on him. Since then, the fascination of immersive computer game worlds has always played a role in his background. He has been realising audiovisual media art projects since his school days. After leaving school, he studied urban planning, architecture and philosophy. After a one-year research internship at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany in 2007, he discovered minimalist video projections and projection mapping by himself in the following years. He then revisited his interest in 8-bit and 16-bit inspired pixel art. Since 2018, Nodepond has increasingly devoted himself to the production of static images that not only exist digitally, but are also physically produced. The reason for this is that images exude a permanent presence. Nodepond sees his art as a kind of extended landscape painting. People often ask him ‘when the computer game will finally be released’. But it’s not about creating computer games, it’s actually about associating images in the mind. These are images that suggest computer game landscapes without locating them too concretely. Since 2019, Martin Wisniowski has been working on the programming of a hybrid stage and AR technology for theatre productions, including work for Treibkraft Theater Hamm, Germany and boat people projekt Göttingen, Germany.