Michael Omlin

Michael OMLIN, Zurich, Switzerland Lightdesign, Technical Direction – Europe (*1996) in Aarau, has been working as a freelance light designer and visual artist since 1996. The artist Michael Omlin intervenes in exterior as well as interior spaces with light. With objects, installations and projections, he sensitizes people to seeing light. In his exhibitions and performances he works with the paradoxical reversal of expectations, unmasks the supposedly given and creates reduced figures of reflection that have an effect on the viewer that is as enigmatic as it is playful. Various works in the field of theater, dance and musical, as well as various exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. Productions with Martha Zürcher, Stephan Roppel, Tim Zulauf, Christoph Rath, Peter Braschler and many others. 2002-2014 he was technical director at Theater Winkelwiese in Zurich. 2013 graduated as lighting designer SLG in architecture, ZHAW. Since 2019 Head of lighting department and responsible for the large temporary exhibitions of the Kunsthaus Zürich. Longtime collaboration with Theater Maralam.