Michel Weber

SPEECH – SOUND – PROJECTIONS Michel WEBER – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Winterthur, Switzerland. Since the end of the 1990′s Michel Weber has dealt with standing and moving pictures. In 1998 he joined the Zurich Opera House as a lighting technician and in 2001 he joined the Theater der Künste, which is part of the Zurich University of the Arts [ZHdK] which is one of the largest universities of the arts in Europe with around 2,800 students and 650 teaching staff. He worked there first as a light operator and then from 2004 as a video technician. Since 2008, he has led the video department and teaches courses in digital video technology. Further collaboration in the research team IPF, Institute for Performing Arts and Film (ZHdK), in the research project Actor and Avatar. He is particularly specialised within the area of interactive performance and different digital technologies (Wiimote, Kinect, projection mapping etc.). He is a TroikaTronix [Isadora] beta tester, forum-moderator and part of the TroikaTronix team. Analogue and digital signals and communication protocols like RS232, DMX, MIDI, OSC as well as computer networks are regularly used in his work. Since 2011 he has also worked as a video expert and interactive media designer for various theatre projects. Cooperation with Maralam for video design and video technology for «Tant de mer entre nous / So viel Meer zwischen uns», premiere Rote Fabrik, Zurich, followed by a tour in / ب اینن بحا ر منكم Tunisia with festival participation at Festival des Journées théâtrales de Carthage, JTC, one of the most important theatre festivals in the Arab world. Dito for “Restricted Area” with participation at JTC in Tunisia. For “HANGOUTS LitRAP ” he was in charge of the full visual projection.