Nathan Ellis

Nathan Ellis is a current member of the Channel 4 “4Screenwriting group” and was a previous member of BBC “Writers Room Drama Room” 2021-2022.

In 2020, his play “SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION” was shortlisted for the Verity Bargate Award. It was performed at the Soho Theatre in 2022, directed by Blanche McIntyre and will enter the repertoire Staatstheater Kassel in 2023, directed by Manon Pfrunder. His play “work.txt” (a play without actors) was Office-Nominated in 2022. It will undergo an international tour in 2023 in Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, China, and Egypt. Nathan was a member of the Royal Court Invitation Writers’ Supergroup 2018-2019 led by Alice Birch and Ali Mcdowall. His first play “NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU” was nominated for the 2019 “Incoming Festival” and toured nationally. Nathan is also the Creative Associate of the Nottingham Playhouse.

Ellis made his playwriting debut in 2019 with No One is Coming to Save You, followed by the 2020 play Super High Resolution, both of which were shortlisted for multiple awards and showcased internationally. He is a current member of the Channel 4 Screenwriting group and a Creative Associate of the Nottingham Playhouse.