Nora Amin

Nora AMIN  is a performer, choreographer, theatre director, scholar, researcher and lecturer from Cairo, Egypt. She was a former dancer at the modern dance company of the Cairo Opera House, former lead actress at the Hanager Arts Centre in Cairo, and board member of the unit for the support of independent theatre (ministry of culture, Egypt). She is a Fellow of the centre for Theatre of the Oppressed (Brazil, 2003), founder of Lamusica Independent Theatre group (Egypt, 2000) where she choreographed, wrote, directed and produced 40 performances. She is also an alumni of the arts management program at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (USA, 2004), S. Fischer guest professor for comparative literature (FU/Berlin 2004-2005), guest lecturer/Ford associate on theatre stage acting at Mount Holyoke College (USA, 2005), visiting lecturer at the department of cultural policy (Hildesheim university, 2018), and recipient of the German Literature Fund stipend for her play “Haare”. Author of: “Weiblichkeit im Aufbruch” (MSB, Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2018) on the transgressions of female physicality in the public sphere,and “Tanz der Verfolgten” (MSB, Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2021) an approach to the history of the Egyptian Baladi Dance, known as belly dancing from a feminist perspective linking colonialism with patriarchy and capitalism. She has also written the play “HAARE” for the Boat People Projekt, the recipient of the German Theatre Award 2020.