Pascal Rambert

Pascal Rambert is a French writer, choreographer and a stage and screen director. In 2016, he received the Theater Prize from the Académie Française for his entire body of work. Among the affiliated institutions he worked closely with are Paris Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord and the National Theater of Strasbourg. Rambert’s theatre plays and choreographies have been produced by structure, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and staged in Europe, North America, Asia, Russia, South America and the Middle East. His writings including theatre, stories and poetry are published in France and staged and translated into more than 20 languages around the world. His dance pieces such as Memento Mori (2013) created with lighting designer Yves Godin, have been performed at major festivals and contemporary dance festivals in Europe as well as New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles. One of Lambert’s career highlights is “Clôture de l’amour” (Love’s End) (2011), the script won the prize for public theatre in the Theater 2013 – Dithea competition, the prize for best new French-language play from the Syndicat de la Critique (Critics’ Union) in 2012, and the Grand Prize for dramatic literature from the Centre national du théâtre (National Theater Center) in October 2012. In 2017, “Clôture de l’amour” was staged more than 180 times in France and much more all over the world, and translated into 23 languages. Another notable play is “Répétition” (Rehearsal) (2014), presented as part of the Festival d’Automne in Paris, which won Rambert the 2015 annual prize for literature and philosophy at the Académie Française. Other acclaimed works in the past decade include Avignon à vie (Avignon for Life), De mes propres mains (With My Own Hands), Argument, Une vie (A Life), Actrice (Actress), Reconstitution, Nos Parents (Our Parents) and Christine. In 2019, Soeurs (Sisters) premiered in France, followed closely by the Spanish version, Hermanas. In the same year, Rambert was Visiting Belknap Fellow in the Humanities and Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University. He will soon create his new play “Al Sowan” written for Egyptian actresses and actors during the D-CAF Festival in Cairo, Egypt, and will adapt his play Finlandia created in Madrid in 2022 for Israel Elejalde and Irene Escolar in French with Victoria Quesnel and Joseph Drouet at The Bouffes du Nord Theater in Paris, France.