Peter Braschler

Peter BRASCHLER – Direction Graduated from the Zurich Drama Academy, now Zurich University of the Arts, ZHDK, Zurich, Switzerland, one of the biggest Universities of Arts in Europe. 1986. Co-founder of Theater Maralam. Since 1984 he has worked as an actor and director on more than thirty transcultural theater productions in Switzerland, the Middle East and Russia. Artistic direction of a large theater project “” with participation of Arab artists for the Switzerland’s national Exposition EXPO 02, which is held about every thirty years. The second Part has then been presented in Egypt. Artistic supervision/direction of commissioned works and world premieres by authors from various countries. Selection: llakhuthan (London, Colombo): production “Sri Salami”; world premiere Gessnerallee, Zurich; Wenedikt Jerofjew/A.Obraszov, St. Petersburg, production: “Moscow – Petushki”, world premiere Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Russia tour. World premiere of Hanan al Sheikh’s “Women of Sand and Myrrh” in Jerusalem with tour in the Arab world including Carthage Festival, JTC Tunis / International Theater Festival Cairo and in Europe. Collaborator “Ground crew” Peter Brook’s Mahabharata in Zurich. Arabic premiere of “Hase Hase/ Arnab Arnab” by “Coline Serrau” in Ramallah,. World premiere texts on Islam: “Not Heaven Not Hell” by Raja Alem, Saudi Arabia; Niloofar Beyzaie Iran/Germany, Hassan Hamid, Damascus; Johanna Lier, Zurich; Shookaran, Southern Iran. World premiere Zurich. “Exploders” based on texts by the Iraqi poet Ali Al-Shalah. in cooperation with the Swiss-Arab Cultural Center, Zurich, premiere in Zurich, 2010. 2016-17 Directed double premiere “Soviel Meer zwischen uns / كم من بحار بیننا /Tant de mer entre nous” of trilingual international production (German, French and Arabic) Rote Fabrik Zurich, Tunis. Tour of Western Switzerland and all cities in Tunisia with participation in the largest Arabic theater festival Journées Théâtreales de Carthage, JTC. 2017-2022 Conception German-speaking Switzerland Romandie, Ticino “I GIRL I BOY I PHONE”, interactive program for schools and young people; 2018-19 Direction: “Restricted Area” by Amami/ Peter, Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik. Participation in major Arabic theater festivals. 2019-2020: Staging premiere of HANGOUTS LiTRAP by writer Judith Keller/ Rapper Förig Young. Conceptios and direction of theater and cultural workshops for various institutions in Switzerland, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia. Conception and co-director of a 3-year training workshop International Theatre Institute, ITI – nationwide for street workers in the Philippines, focusing on work with young people (sexually abused, handicapped, streetchildren); Translations of theater texts from English, Arabic, Russian and Tamil into German. Swiss representative at the Forum for Young Stage Professionals (Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts council) at the Berlin Theatertreffen