Reimar De La Chevallerie

Reimar DE LA CHEVALLERIE, Goettingen, Germany Concept and realisation * 1967 independent scene, especially for the “boat people projekt” as a media and video artist, musician, performer and director. During his time as head of the sound department for the drama section at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany (1995-2003), he wrote music for drama productions there and for Birgitta Trommler’s TanzTheater, as well as for the Stadttheater Nordhausen and for the Acrobat Dancers London. He later continued this work as head of the sound and video department at the Deutsches Theater in Göttingen, Germany (2003-2011). As a director and musician, he has been working 100% as a freelance artist since 2012 and, in addition to productions with boat people projekt, regularly collaborates with the Hamburg actor and author Christopher Weiß (DIE AZUBIS). He is also engaged as a director, musician and performer by Treibkraft Theater Hamm, Germany and VIER D/ Dortmund and other institutions and theatres, most recently collaborating with Collective Ma’louba and Kainkollektiv. Away from artistic productions, he is largely responsible for digitalisation. Currently, this involves the further development of the label’s own hybrid stage and the embedding of AR technology in artistic processes.