Director’s Word

Festival Director's Word Ahmed El Attar

The 11th edition of D-CAF and the 8th edition of the Arab Arts Focus are here with more inspiring artists, amazing performances, engaging talks, enriching workshops, mind blowing exhibitions, and loyal partners and audiences.

What D-CAF and the AAF represent within the Cairene, Egyptian and Arab art and cultural scenes, goes beyond the mere showcase of eclectic works by brilliant artists from across the world. It goes beyond entertaining and intriguing diverse audiences, supporting the production and distribution of local and regional artists, and the discovery of young talents from Egypt and the Arab world.

D-CAF and the AAF have become symbols of resilience in extremely difficult and hostile times. They have become beacons of integration and openness in a world that sees its borders closing down, and its walls getting higher by the hour. They have become unique spaces where diverse expressions can find a small space of freedom, and where young people can see a glimpse of hope. D-CAF and the AAF are the bridges we have built over extremely troubled waters.

This is how we believe D-CAF and the AAF to be. And this is what makes us give it the best we have every year, and to continue doing so for years to come. 

Kudos to the artists and their innovation, to our long-term partners, to our loyal audiences and their engagement, to Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment for its unwavering support, and to Karim Shafei for his unique vision. 

Last but not least, kudos to our great young team full of creativity, desire, and energy, and kudos to the excellent work that they do. 

D-CAF is grateful to all of you, and hopes to bring delightful moments to everyone involved. Enjoy!

*This edition is dedicated to the soul of my brother and dear friend Ali Belail whose creativity, generosity, and openness were inspiring to all who knew him. May he rest in peace.